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Any inquiry for TRON related matters are welcome by Sennet
- Promote real time OS TRON in the coming era of Ubiquitous computing. - (TRON=The Real time Os Nucleus)
Sennet is the company to promote real time OS,TRON, in this coming era of Ubiquitous computing and respond to any need of software development, sales and consulting for TRON related products.

While Information Technology (IT) spread and pervade to every field of human society, it was symbolized by each keyword in every ten years. New Media at 20 years ago, Multimedia at 10 years ago and now it is Ubiquitous. The keyword has been changing but the end is the accomplishment of the world where chip size computers are in everywhere and connected each other to help us or let us enjoy our life. That is the era of Ubiquitous computing.

Dr. Sakamura of Tokyo university initiated the concept of this Ubiquitous computing 20 years ago and promoted TRON OS as the best suited OS in this needs. But the past road for Ubiquitous computing was mainly focused to PC with Internet which has been bound by Windows OS. Now various digital home electronic appliances, typically symbolized by portable telephone are pervading where TRON OS are already widely used. It is obvious that the needs for TRON OS will be very strong in every social field not only in digital electronics but also in the area such as automotive electronic devices or factory automation devices.
It will spread into Ubiquitous ID (uID) world too where chip will be attached to any objects and recognized by ID devices using TRON OS. In essence TRON OS is the most important and indispensable in the coming Ubiquitous computing world.

On the other hand, because of TRON OS is open and free, those manufacturers of portable telephones, digital camera and automotive engine control make their own software combined with TRON OS without producing common software market. In order to communize at least its middleware portion and to save time for development, T-Engine forum was established. Kernel portion source code became open as T-Kernel and some hardware specification were agreed to be common. Including some US and European manufacturers, virtually all Japanese home electronics manufacturers and software vendors joined to this forum. In addition, major embedded Linux software vendor, MontaVista participated. Now even the software giant Microsoft also decided to join as a key member of this forum. This means T-Engine will be the de facto common platform for the development of home electronics devices. In addition, combined with e-TRON which is very strong in security architecture, T-Kernel will become standard for uID devices.

- Sennet, as a member of T-Engine forum, develop, market and contract to develop a new software for T-Engine products.

- Participate and help to develop a new TRON embedded products with interested partners. Conduct overall consultation for TRON related matters.

- Sennet is currently interested in digital Audio Video, car-navigation system, TV phone, portable telephone with digital camera, portable IP phone and portable Karaoke products.
But Sennet is willing to pursue any project of TRON related products or software. Feel free to contact us for any TRON related inquiries.

Sennet is also helping the sales activities of office machine (compact sealer) and flat speaker systems. and help to contract technical manual, digital simulator and its translation.

President and CEO of Sennet Inc.
Yoshito Super Yamaguchi